Direct Fired Module

Direct Fired Burner Module. Includes electronic gas modulation and flame safeguard controls. BTU Range = 36,666 to 1,100,000 BTU/HR. CFM Range = 6,000 to 13,000. Mixing tube and discharge sensor ship loose. Not ETL Listed without blower. 120V input
Direct Fired Module

Direct Gas-Fired Heater Module, for use in tempering make up air. Direct fired modular heaters are designed for natural or propane gas applications. Heaters are rated for indoor or outdoor installations in commercial occupancies. A unique feature is the self-adjusting burner profile plates allowing 2-speed and variable-air-volume applications. The plates ensure proper air velocity and pressure drop across the burner for clean combustion. Spring loaded profile plates react to the momentum of the fresh air stream, therefore, no motors or actuators are needed to drive them. Nor do they need to be manually set to a specific position.

Packages start at 1000 CFM and go up to 21,000 CFM, with external pressures up to 2" WG. Units have large doors on both sides to provide ample access to all internal components. Direct fired module consist of galvanized enclosure control panel and stainless steel burner.

Direct Fired Module
G90 galvanized construction.
Easy access doors.
Lifting points.
Redundant gas values.
Pre-wired, pre-piped controls.
Horizontal or down discharge.
Fully insulated casing.
Stainless steel burner.
Intermittent spark pilot with timed safety lockout.
Electronic flame modulation.
High temperature limit switch.
Airflow proving switch.
Economizer inlet thermostat.
Burner observation port.
Additional Information:
Operation and Installation Manual (PDF)
Operation and Installation Manual (PDF) (French)
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