Heat / Condensate Hood Specifications:

Heat/Condensate hood is a single vent hood used for non-grease applications for the removal of heat, vapor, etc. Hood shall have the size, shape and performance specified on the drawings.

Finish shall be #3 or #4 polish where exposed. Hood shall be wall or island type with fully welded 10-gauge corner hanging angles. Corner hanging angles have a .625 x 1.500 slot pre-punched at the factory; this allows hanging rods to be used for quick and safe installations. Hanging rod and connection is provided by and installed by others.

The hood manufacture shall supply complete submittal drawings including hood section views(s) and hood plan view(s). These drawings must be made available to the engineer, architect and owner for their use in construction, operation and maintenance.

Exhaust duct collar to be 4" high with 1" flanges. Duct sizes, CFM and static pressure requirements shall be as shown on the drawings.

   Optional Features    
  • Enclosure Panels
  • Quarter End Panels
  • End Stand-Off
  • Full Perimeter Gutter with Drain
  • Double Wall Front Construction
  • Lights, Incandescent & Fluorescent
  • Exhaust Risers
  • Removable Condensation Baffles