Spun Aluminum Gravity Vent(GV-FA)

Gravity vents are an economical choice when a fresh air intake or pressure relief is needed.

  • Spun Aluminum for aesthetics and weight reduction.
  • Roof or Wall Mountable.
  • Curb Mountable.
  • Built in Bird Screen.

  • Motorized Backdraft Damper
  • Hinged Base
  • Curb (Pitched and/or insulated)
  • Wall Mount

Size CFM Against Static Resistance*
GV10 1420
GV12 1600
GV14 3400
GV18 5040
GV20 7800
GV24 8700
GV30 14700
GV36 20300

* Approximate CFM against static resistance is based on a free area velocity of approximately 1200 fpm.